Wine and Chocolate Weekend, February 2012

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Cottages On Armstrong.

We are moving into February and look forward to our guests arriving for Wine and Chocolate weekend, February 10 and 11.  We fill up early for this kickoff to our  annual winery  events. Each winery features something fun and unusual, usually involving chocolate and food.   But there’s also entertainment!  Watts Winery  features a comedy performance, with proceeds benefiting cancer cure.  Acquiesce Winery will have a belly dancer and free fifteen minute lessons.  Borra Winery usually features Steve’s famous oyster bake.  The price of this event is 45 dollars and the benefits are tremendous.  Lodi Wineries recently received many awards at the largest wine judging event in th country, the San Francisco Wine Competition, with over 5,500 entries.  Enjoy these award winning wines while touring the wineries and don’t forget the new tasting rooms that have opened in downtown Lodi.


D’Arts Winery

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Our featured Lodi Winery this month is D’Arts Winery, located nearby.  Owners Dave and Helen excel in winemaking and creating a warm, welcoming winery environment.  They combine wine, art, food and entertainment for the guests and club members to enjoy.

The fun of  bottling and labeling your own wine is enhanced by the teacher at the bottling equipment! Enjoy barbecued dinners with outdoor movies in the summer, wine maker dinners and club  wine pickup events. And for those that want to participate in the wine making process, you may be able to sign up to help with pruning by adopting a row in the late winter.

The labels on the D’Art’s bottles are truly beautiful and created by the winemakers.  You can find many of the art works displayed at the winery along the walls and in poster format.

One of our favorite wines here is  called Dog Day Red.  It is the result of a serindipitous event, accidentally mixing a barrel of tempranillo and port, and the only problem since then is keeping it in stock!  If that happens to you, we recommend just getting the port until new releases appear!

Dave and Helen have continued to support the Lodi Amateur Vintners Association membership with mentoring and advice.  In 2010, Dave joined several of our local winemakers and community members to feature the first annual evening of art and wine called Artisan Masters.

Stop by for a pleasant comfortable wine tasting experience, meet the  beloved pets (Maggie and Abby), see if Brittany’s almond toffee is available and enjoy the barrel room and art and ambience.

Check out the events and special happenings at their website.