Grilled Artichokes

We have a local restaurant in Stockton that have killer appetizers on their menu and my favorite is the grilled artichoke. I have made several attempts to get close  to their seasonings, and my version is pretty pleasant.



I start with cleaned prepped artichokes, cut of the bottom portion and snip the sticker ends of leaves.  I either steam them in the microwave covered in Saran Wrap or boil them.  But before I do, I spread the leaves apart and drizzle olive oil and fresh lemon juice down into the centers.  I add lemon juice to the water before placing them in the water.



After cooking them, I drain them and cut each one in half. I remove the choke and purple tipped leaves and any tough outer leaves. I turn my grill onto medium high, let it heat up, then drizzle more olive oil on the artichokes, along with lemon juice, and generously season with sea salt, garlic powder, fresh ground pepper and Montreal steak seasoning on both sides.


I place them first leaf side down on the grill, then flip them onto the flat side until the surface is crusty and the seasoning looks grilled.  It’s a few minutes on each side, and they get to be a bit unorganized.  Using tongs, grab and remove them from the grill.  Add a bit more of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar and serve! Dipping sauce would be your choice, but there is so much flavor, keep it simple.


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