Thinning the New Growth


Yep, old fashioned muscle powered press.

We are fortunate to care for a small Cabernet vineyard near by.  The learning curve for us is caring for the vineyard correctly, as this action affects the fruit quality greatly.  Not everything that grows on the vine produces fruit. Actually only two shoots per spur yield the fruit.  Removing everything else concentrates the vine production to the vines with fruit only.  This past weekend, our team went to work on shoot pulling.  This is round two, and there may be round three.  This was new for me!  Pruning is critical for this stage.  Don’t let amateurs do your pruning! Sulfuring every 12 to 14 days takes place to prevent mildew on the new fruit during this stage.  We have warm weather coming, but we can’t stop yet.


The trunk, cordons go sideways from the trunk, spurs on the cordons are about a fist width apart on each side. The fruiting canes come from the spurs. Now you see each section of the vine.


Look at all the growth taken off the vine!


Close up to show two canes growing from the spur. These green growing canes have the baby fruit bunches on them.


Another close up showing two shoots.


The growth is more than six feet high in about five weeks.


Baby Cabernet cluster


Shoot thinning on the ground


This grand dame is more than nine feet high! She’s been here for quite a while.


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