Bud Break, 2014

If you enjoy wine, that’s fantastic, and Lodi is a place you definitely want to visit and  plan to return.  But if you grow wine grapes, the seasons of a vineyard are very distinct and unique.  I love Spring.  Everything happens quickly……Winter pruning and spring trellis maintenance, irrigation repairs, drip installation,  and cover crops lead up to bud break.  The buds break and quickly reveal the infant fruit.  The sulphur begins to get applied, and it’s fun to see the tractor ‘trains’ moving up and down the roads around us.  ImageImageCheck out the baby fruit!


 Mr. D is putting in long hours during this tax season, and misses out on my favorite part of the vineyard seasons.  So, I took him for a drive Sunday to look at the cherry blossoms, bud break, local ImageImage

winery expansions , and to check out the new M2 Winery and tasting room on Peltier Road.  It’s beautiful! Image



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