If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again!

Well, 2013 had zero, zippo, nada posts.  It began with a herniated neck disc that prevented me from doing  all sorts of activities, especially anything with a keyboard!  But I have consistently seen so many ideas about Lodi to write about that I feel compelled to get back to the starting gate.  To our guests that come to the Cottages on Armstrong for so many different reasons, there are fabulous festivals, wineries, any several different places to go and things to do.  So, again, I want to feature some of the jewels of our Lodi area.  Along with that will be the the inevitable things I enjoy from living in our little corner of Lodi.  

Today as Mr. D and I visited a downtown tasting room, I heard my words again express how much I love our area and the  lifestyle we are blessed to enjoy here.