May Warms Up the Local Events

It’s May!  Lots of events and lots of vine growth.  The blooms are being pollinated in the vineyard.  It never ceases to amaze me how rapidly the vineyards change each week, no matter what the varietal is.  Each varietal has a unique management style…they way they are trellised, thinned, how the canopy needs to be managed.  We have warm but mild weather for this phase…good for the growers!

We’ve just had the Asparagus Festival in Stockton.  This month, Zinfandel is celebrated with Zinfest.  This three day festival begins with dinner with winemakers on Friday night, most of the day at Lodi Lake enjoying lots of wonderful food, tasting our local wines, especially Zinfandel, seminars on wine and food and live entertainment.  And that’s just half of it!  Sunday the local wineries host a wide variety of special events…food, comedy, music.  It’s a wonderful weekend.  This year our dates are May 18 and 19 and 20.  Mother’s Day is another special weekend at the wineries.

You can tell it’s getting to be boating weather on the Delta.  Passing through Rio Vista and Brentwood in the last few weeks, folks are prepping and launching their boats  and the eateries along the Delta waterways are filling up their parking lots.  Memorial Day weekend is a great time to be out on the water.  


Congratulations to Steve and Bev Borra, and Markus Niggli, the winemaker at Borra Vineyards.  Borra Vineyards received the Winery of the Year Award from our local Tourism Board.  They received huge awards at the Wall Street Journal Wine competition, and just scored in the High 80’s in Wine Spectator for their 2009 Red Fusion.  Did I mention that they are the nearest winery to the Cottages and they treat our guests exceptionally well!! 


It’s a full house this month at the Cottages.  We are looking forward to welcoming many returning guests, celebrating graduations, engagements,  and wedding visitors. We’re especially looking forward to having Roby and Carolyn LaPorte stay this weekend to celebrate their daughter’s graduation from UOP.  Roby and Carolyn are our web designers and owners of WowiZowi web design.  They brought their daughter to UOP three and a half years ago to begin college, and after an amazing four years (one in Italy), Ariana graduates this weekend!  They’ve been amazing people to work with and so supportive of our business and our area.  ImageImage


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