Wine and Chocolate Weekend, February 2012

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Cottages On Armstrong.

We are moving into February and look forward to our guests arriving for Wine and Chocolate weekend, February 10 and 11.  We fill up early for this kickoff to our  annual winery  events. Each winery features something fun and unusual, usually involving chocolate and food.   But there’s also entertainment!  Watts Winery  features a comedy performance, with proceeds benefiting cancer cure.  Acquiesce Winery will have a belly dancer and free fifteen minute lessons.  Borra Winery usually features Steve’s famous oyster bake.  The price of this event is 45 dollars and the benefits are tremendous.  Lodi Wineries recently received many awards at the largest wine judging event in th country, the San Francisco Wine Competition, with over 5,500 entries.  Enjoy these award winning wines while touring the wineries and don’t forget the new tasting rooms that have opened in downtown Lodi.


Welcome, Acquiesce Winery!

We welcome a new winery to our local features.  Acquiesce Winery has just opened this month, and we celebrated their opening as our Lodi Amateur Vintners Association held the first meeting of 2012  in their lovely, restored tasting room.  Rodney and Sue Tipton, the owners and winemakers, have distinguished themselves in focusing on whites and blush solely, in a region identified with big reds and Zinfandels.  Their Rose, Granache Blanc and Belle Blanc will soon be joined by Viognier and Roussane.  This winery is near Heritage Oak, Macchia, Watts Winery, and Kidder Family Wines in our north-east quadrant of Lodi’s wine country.